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Estimating Woody Biofuel Supply
Ademe Woody Biofuel / Archives & Downloads
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Archives & Downloads


Download the documents produced within the framework of the study
Final report (PDF in French, 2933 ko)
Summary of final report (PDF in French, 335 ko)
Slides of final worskshop (PDF in French, 4643 ko)
How to use the personal search tool on the study results (PDF, 368 ko)
L'IF n°24 - Feb. 2010 - "Bois énergie : les forêts de la ressource ... à mobiliser !" (PDF in French, 950 ko)
Download the minutes of the five inter-regional meetings:
South-East region - February 6, 2009, in Montpellier (PDF in French, 42 ko)
North-West region - February 24, 2009, in Angers (PDF in French, 52 ko)
East-Central region - March 6, 2009, in Lyon (PDF in French, 50 ko)
North-East region - March 12, 2009 in Metz (PDF in French, 51 ko)
South-West region - March 27 in Toulouse (PDF in French, 52 ko)
Link to the Internet site for the SOLAGRO / IFN / RBM 2005 study:
Consult the site: (in French)
L'IF n°9 - September 2005 - "Bois énergie : les forêts ont de la ressource !" (in French)
Download the 2007 and 2009 MAAP reports on available woody biomass:
Cemagref study, with IFN, 2009 : "Evaluation des volumes de bois mobilisables à partir des données IFN nouvelle méthode - actualisation de l'étude biomasse disponible de 2007" (in French)
Etude Cemagref 2007 : "Disponibilités en biomasse forestière pour des usages énergétiques et industriels en France" (in French)
Download other documents of interest:
ANR ECOBIOM Project site (PNRB programme on bio-energies) (in French)

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